Friday, August 9, 2013

Swingin' Like Tarzan



 So I know this kid... and he's a complete psycho. A multi personality psycho with mood swings and behavior triggers. Jokes on me considering the kid I am referring to is my own. His moods are swinging like Tarzan in the jungle, a metaphor that is more then suitable considering sometimes he acts more apelike then boy. He's up, he's down, he's happy then sad, he's smiling then thirty seconds later he's screaming about wanting a banana. I'm sorry I couldn't resist. But I am seriously loosing my mind over here, I'm living in constant fear of what personality is going to climb out of his bed in the morning. I'm not sure if all toddlers go through a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde phase or if I'm just the poor sucker whose kid is rockin' three different alter egos. Either way I'm gonna stick it out; once the angry one walks away, and the sad one goes to sleep and we're left with the happy one he's usually belly laughing and I'm a sucker for a belly laugh.

Sidenote: No, I will not pay for this child to have a haircut, eventually I will learn to cut his bangs straight. Feel free to look over the pictures above and mentally scold me for being so cheap. Sticks and stones my friend.

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