Friday, August 2, 2013

Two Months Old

A few little facts about our sweet girl:
She loves being sang to, her favorite song being You Are My Sunshine
Her hands are always folded over each other in a very proper lady like manner
She is such a nursing snob; demanding a quite, calm, and comfortable setting to guarantee a good meal
She has finally started smiling at Khage
Her hair is getting so long that it will no longer stand straight up
She will stare at your mouth when you talk and she tries so hard to mimic it's movements
I am on the receiving end of 90% of her smiles
I have to avoid eye contact with her while she is nursing or I risk her loosing any and all interest in eating and she will then prefer to spend her time staring at me with a smile on her face
 I am obviously her favorite
She sucks on her fingers all of the time, drools all over the place and is constantly blowing bubbles
She is becoming more and more interested in her toys by the day
She will laugh out loud, sometimes causing her to gasp for air
When she stretches she will point her little toes to the ceiling and smash up her face to form a deliciously irresistible double chin
She has given up on her evening time fussiness and her heat rash is also on its way out the door
She has a very cheerful personality and such a warm and calm little spirit
With every day that passes, and with every new discovery of who she is, we cant help but fall so much more in love with her. She is our precious little girl, our little ball of sunshine.

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Precious and Perfect - Grama Loves You