Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Huntington Beach 2013

A relaxing beach vacation is a must for any family. That's what any beach side hotel's brochure will say. They plant an ideal vacation in your head; complete with sandcastles, beach cruisers, delicious dinning experiences, and nightly strolls on the pier.

What they don't tell you is this: sandcastles are impossible to build with a boy who is smack-dab in the middle of his destructive phase.

Beach cruisers, while fun, have no place to stowaway a baby with a bobble head.

You will order your meal at a restaurant, take a single bite, then frantically beg the server to package it up to go because both your kids are throwing tantrums.

And nightly walks on the pier are impossible when your destructive kid and bobble headed baby require a bedtime around eight o'clock.

Stupid lying brochures.

Maybe we are just not your typical picture perfect family vacation people. Don't get me wrong, it was fun. It wasn't relaxing like you would assume a vacation would be, it's just so much harder with kids. Remember when you used to go to the beach with a towel and a couple snacks? Those days are dead. We were dragging and hauling kid necessary items all over that beach.

And the hotel room was a real party, especially when Khage got into one of his scream fests. I'm sure our vacationing neighbors loved that. It was awful to be on vacation with so much to do, but stuck in the room while the kids took naps, thank you hotel for free HBO. I'm sure Brad would say it was worth it purely for the continental breakfast. But I was just happy to sleep in a bed once occupied by hundreds of other strangers. Ugh, gross. Good thing I have enough sense to bring my own pillowcases.

Looking back now, it was really such fun to be with each other and experience new things. When your knee deep in crying kids it's hard to treasure those moments. But once your home, unpacked and looking back at the trip through pictures it really makes you realize how wonderful it all was. It was no brochure, but amazing in it's own hectic way.


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Fressia Vaughn said...

Uggghhh that picture with Khagey on the pier holding on to the rails made me go week in the knees and have about six different attacks of panic, anxiety, fear, etc.However, all the others are so incredibly priceless.