Friday, September 13, 2013

Three Months Old

A few little facts about our sweet girl:
She is already sleeping through the night
When she nurses she will hold onto my fingers ever so tightly
Her nose is always filled with boogers and they are totally thick and sticky like putty
She has a slight drooling problem
She refuses to lie in one spot on the floor, she will attempt to get places by scooting on her belly
She loves to suck on her fingers, sometimes she will suck on a finger WHILE she nurses
She laughs out loud when Daddy tickles her with his beard
Or when we pretend to sneeze
Her hair has become even more unmanageable, it doesn't want to lay flat or stand up
She also has a mean bald spot on the back of her head
And her hair is lightening into an interesting shade of red
She will sit and gurgle to herself when she's trying to fall asleep or right when she wakes up
Her cry is quite pathetic, never reaching a screaming point
She rolls over from back to front with such tenacity
Her new favorite way to fall asleep is laying on her tummy with no one touching her
She watches Khage play like he is the coolest thing she has ever seen
As much as we love that she is learning new things we wish that she would just stay our little tiny baby forever.


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