Tuesday, September 3, 2013

We Bid You Adieu

Which is just a fancy way of saying get out. Your time is up. Move along.

I have played favorites long enough.

And frankly this header and myself have been at odds since the day I created it. I was never sure how people would interpret it... were you aware that I meant those hand prints above to be mud smudges or did you see the dirty little kmart kid pictured in diapers and automatically assume the worst? At the end of the day, no matter how cute that ragamuffin is, I just don't want people visiting this blog and thinking that we condone that kind of ill-mannered behavior. Its not what were about here and I want that to be clear. I may talk about my lactating habits and my kids are not always going to be fully clothed but excrement? No, the line stops there. We have a little bit of class, not much, but enough.

And for those of you who thought it was chocolate, well your just an idiot. Who gives their kid enough melted chocolate to fully coat their hands? That just disappoints me, I would rather you thought it was poop.

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