Friday, September 6, 2013

We Interrupt This Broadcast...

for a very important message from Harlyn

Did you get all of that?
I hope so because there will be a pop quiz on its content at the end of class.
Failure to pass said quiz will result in Harlyn's morning babble on loop for 24 hours.
I must be her Mommy because that hardly sounds like a punishment to me.
Things to note:
Harlyn will go on these little rants all of the time but this particular morning it started around six a.m and lasted well passed seven
Brad swears it was because he left the blinds open so the light was pouring in and she woke up all Salutations to the Sun
This is by far the best baby Chewbacca imitation I have ever heard
I purposely recorded the wall for the first minute of this video so Harlyn didn't know what I was up to, she is no match for my stealth op recording tactics.
and lastly, you may of heard Brad in the background talking loudly at Khage to go to the bathroom, just ignore that. They were only playing a little game we like to call force Khage to use the bathroom or else he will just hold his junk and dance around all morning. Obviously they both hate that game.

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