Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Nice Guy in the Bike Section

Its been over a month since Khage was given this bicycle and he still loves to love it. A part of me thinks the way in which he got this bike only adds to it's appeal. We have bought Khage numerous toys that he just had to have that day but even hours later that toy is no where to be found and never given a second thought. But this toy, his bike, wasn't just picked out and purchased... it was gifted and it all happened so magically.

If we ask him where he got that bike he will happily respond from the nice guy and he couldn't be more right. A very nice guy, a total stranger, overheard us in the bike section telling Khage he couldn't have a bike because we couldn't afford it. We secretly planned to get Khage a bike for his birthday but all that nice man knew was that our boy wanted a bike and we could not get him one that day. He approached us and kindly explained that his son just grew out of a bike and if we were okay with it he wanted Khage to have it. Believe me, we tried to pay him for this practically new bike but his only response was pay it forward.

Not only did the nice guy give Khage a bike, he also gave all of us something even better: a wonderful lesson on the kindness within people. We are constantly telling Khage about the bad people who may try and take him if he wanders too far from us, or that cars will hit him if he plays in the road. All too often we forget to explain to him that in addition to the scary things happening around us, this world is also filled with such kind hearted people whose motives are good. People who are simply nice.

So we thank you nice guy for showing our son what true kindness is, and for reminding Brad and me that while fears are necessary in such a world, goodness is still all around us.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Please no.

Listen here little girl, Mommy and Daddy are not ready for this.

Your lucky your not of spanking age just yet.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Backpacks, bags and satchels.

Khage is such an interesting character. I have mentioned before how he becomes so attached to random things. Today it is the helmet. Apparently its not just for riding bikes. And that backpack has been a favorite all week. I can only imagine the oddities he has stuffed inside of it. I find various sorts of cloth bags all over the house, inside of them he hides his treasures. Whenever I stumble upon one I like to take a little gander inside at its contents. Usually its an assortment of peculiarities; a foam ball, a headless lego man, a hot wheels car, a few rocks, a plastic toy fence, always a weapon of some sort, a small plastic zebra, a wooden cookie and a dog tag that reads Baggera. Those have been the latest items I have seen inside one of his satchels. Why they have come to mean so much this week I will never know. But I do know this: I will never tire of finding his treasures and I hope he never grows out of collecting them.
Do you see those hands? I love that they still resemble chubby baby hands. I hope that never changes too. So basically what I am saying is that I hope he becomes that strange grown man walking around shoving various items into a backpack with creepy baby hands?
I guess it wont have the same affect when he's older.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Four Months Old

A few special facts about our sweet little girl:
She is now wearing size two diapers
We are truly amazed by how something so small can produce such huge boogers
She has started biting while she nurses
Her hair is getting so thick and coarse like Khage's
She refuses to try and sit up unassisted, her rigid locked knees prohibit it
She squeals when she's happy
She is now fully aware when we walk away from her or leave the room
We can tell she is awake in her bed by the sweet sounds of her talking to herself
If we take things away from her she will cry in protest
She is in the 80 percentile for height
She hates to nurse and will literally try and fight me off by clawing, scratching and kicking
She doesn't know the meaning of stranger danger, she will smile at anyone
She rubs her feet together quite vigorously when she's irritated
When she's eating and is tired she will violently sway her head back and fourth
She sleeps in her own room now
While most days she is sweet, sometimes she is incredibly feisty, and it only makes us adore her little self so much more. Though she be little she is fierce.