Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Nice Guy in the Bike Section

Its been over a month since Khage was given this bicycle and he still loves to love it. A part of me thinks the way in which he got this bike only adds to it's appeal. We have bought Khage numerous toys that he just had to have that day but even hours later that toy is no where to be found and never given a second thought. But this toy, his bike, wasn't just picked out and purchased... it was gifted and it all happened so magically.

If we ask him where he got that bike he will happily respond from the nice guy and he couldn't be more right. A very nice guy, a total stranger, overheard us in the bike section telling Khage he couldn't have a bike because we couldn't afford it. We secretly planned to get Khage a bike for his birthday but all that nice man knew was that our boy wanted a bike and we could not get him one that day. He approached us and kindly explained that his son just grew out of a bike and if we were okay with it he wanted Khage to have it. Believe me, we tried to pay him for this practically new bike but his only response was pay it forward.

Not only did the nice guy give Khage a bike, he also gave all of us something even better: a wonderful lesson on the kindness within people. We are constantly telling Khage about the bad people who may try and take him if he wanders too far from us, or that cars will hit him if he plays in the road. All too often we forget to explain to him that in addition to the scary things happening around us, this world is also filled with such kind hearted people whose motives are good. People who are simply nice.

So we thank you nice guy for showing our son what true kindness is, and for reminding Brad and me that while fears are necessary in such a world, goodness is still all around us.


Nikki said...

I love this story! What a great guy! :)

Fressia Vaughn said...

This is a great story. I think you are so right about the focus we have on teaching our children about scary/bad stuff, and not as much the good. In a way I'm glad I'm starting my family so much later, I get to use everyone's ideas. You all did the hard work and I'm reaping the benefits.