Thursday, November 14, 2013

Five Months Old

A few special facts about our sweet baby girl:
She got her first fever on Halloween
We can hear her kicking the sides of her crib from all the way downstairs
She always grabs her thighs to look over her shoulder in a very hey boys like manner
She taps her right foot repeatedly when she's falling asleep or engrossed in playing with toys 
She has started eating baby food
Her first food was avocados
I find little dry shriveled up booger flakes in her bed just about everyday
She has figured out how to make a clicking sound with her tongue
She gets up on her hands and knees and rocks back and forth like she wants to crawl but never does
She likes to stand up on her hands and feet, with her butt high in the air, and her forehead on the ground
When she cries her nose and eyes turn red
She tugs on her hair when she's tired just like Khage does
She likes to touch my face and softly grab my lips and it is just about the sweetest thing ever
She has finally started sitting up
Sometimes she scratches and pinches the backs of my arms while she's nursing and it instantly ticks me off
She has already gotten a second hair cut because only the top of her hair insists on growing
I love when she rubs her little eyes after she wakes up
She makes loving her so easy with her silly grins and baby girl sweetness.
I don't think we couldn't adore her even if we tried.




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Lorna Whitehead said...

What a precious cutie!!!