Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Harlyn's First Costume...

She was an owl.
And isn't she a doll?
No, she wasn't a doll. She was an owl. No, not an owl dressed as a doll.
 I think I may have lost a few of you with that one.
Let me clarify: she was an owl, but is a doll. Got it?
Moving on.
 There really is no significance to her being an owl for her first costume. I chose it simply because no little girl of mine was going to be a princess or something else equally glittery and covered in tulle. But it actually worked out quite well considering Khage was a chicken for his first Halloween.
Its a bird thing. Don't over think it.
With all the designing, cutting, sewing and gluing I probably spent well over 8 hours making this costume... and she probably wore it for less then a single hour on Halloween. On account of her getting her first fever she wasn't too interested in the idea of knocking down doors for candy, especially since she was fully aware that any and all candy was going to bypass her lips completely and go straight to Daddy's.
So on Halloween she actually looked like this. Sick, sad and down right miserable.
But she was happy as can be to wear it a second time on picture day.
Fly fly my sweet owl baby.

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