Thursday, November 14, 2013

Khage's Halloween Costume 2013

 Our little Peter Pan
 We had known for months that Khagey wanted to be Pan for Halloween and the costume was simple enough that this Mama was hook'ed. Not to mention its a character that suits him all too well. A rambunctious boy who prefers to live in the woods and avoids parental guidance at all costs? fits him better then a snug pair of tights.
And it wasn't a fight to wrangle him into the costume either, in fact it has become apart of his weekly dress up play. And nothing makes this Mommy happier then to see my kids enjoying the things I make them. And double doubloons when they look so darn cute doing it.
 Khage was as happy as could be on Halloween night. He was lucky enough to get in two rounds of trick or treating and would randomly yell off to Neverland as he ran up driveways to beg for his candy.
Because his costume wasn't bulky and awkward he was ready at all times to fight off pesky pirates, fly about with the help of a happy thought and play in the woods with the lost boys. You know, all the things that require a pair of green tights, pointy toed shoes and a little red feather.
Here's to hoping that this Peter Pan never grows. 

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