Monday, December 30, 2013

Knock Knock Who's There?

If you were to stop by my house unannounced you will probably see this


Yes, Khage will be there wearing an assortment of cute faces but it is the costume to which I am referring. On most days he can be found wearing it. Sometimes I will wash it and nicely lay it out for him knowing that will make him happy. And other days I bury it underneath a pile of dirty clothes and hope to neverland that he doesn't ask for it... usually he's on to me and by the middle of the day he will come strutting into the room wearing it with pride. Because I created this monster, the boy and the costume, I am solely to blame. I remember when I first made it how cute it was to see him wearing it... and now its taken on a life of its own. Khage has had numerous meltdowns over this costume. He pleads to wear it every morning when he gets dressed- whether it be clean or dirty and we fight just about every time that I ask him to take it off for bath time or to venture out in public. It even has an alter ego, sometimes when he's wearing it he isn't Peter Pan at all. No, he also goes by the name of Robin Hood. Maybe you have heard of him. Well just be sure if you do drop by you prepare yourself because, be it Peter Pan or Robin Hood, one of them is bound to answer the door.
Personally I think were making headway, at least he's fully clothed throughout the day.
And that's progress that I'm mighty proud of.

Our Little Beauty Pageant Reject

Good thing I am not the kind of mother who dreams of the day they can sign their daughter up for one of those baby beauty pageants. Thank goodness that falls into the category of: something I have absolutely no desire to do... ever. I have no inclination to parade my baby around asking for people to judge her purely on her physicality's. Don't get me wrong if that's what your about then parade away, in fact my Mom did. If  you knew what I looked like as a baby, then you would know that it wasn't I who she entered into such a contest. Which thinking about it now, maybe that is why I have such hostility toward this whole affair... AND the reason my self esteem is lacking. Thanks Mom.

Anyway. It's really quite a blessing because now I'm not disappointed in the fact that Harlyn wouldn't walk away with the grand prize. I'm not even sure she would be allowed to compete because it all starts with that entry photograph... and that isn't exactly Harlyn's specialty.

Let me just stop here for a moment and defend my baby. She is adorable. Cutest girl in the world.
Now that that is clear you must know this: While she IS adorable, majority of her photographs are not. This girl photographs bad. How bad you ask? You tell me.

Awww my poor Baby Love just can't keep it together when the camera comes out. Weird scary things suddenly happen to her sweet little face.

But then there is that rare occasion when the planets align, and we will snap a picture and she will look just as adorable on camera as she does in person.

And we can't help but love this beauty pageant reject. She will always be as perfect as ever to us... scary baby face and all.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Half a year old.

A few facts about our sweet girl:
After more then a month of getting up on all fours she graduated to crawling
In less then a week from learning to crawl she was climbing the stairs
She can also pull herself into the standing position
She loves loves loves to eat food, so much that she has yet to turn any food away even if you can tell she doesn't like it
She will stand up in her crib, lean her arms over the side and eventually drift off to sleep... then wake up a few minutes later, we can only assume from almost falling over
She is extremely fidgety; always bouncing or kicking her legs and flailing her arms around
Randomly throughout the day she will flash this creepy devilish grin for no apparent reason
She watches her hands open and close in amazement
She is our tough little cookie crumb, rarely crying when she falls down, and when she does cry it is only for a few seconds before she has moved on
She hums while she sucks on her fingers to sooth herself to sleep
She has finally started showing her Daddy the love that he deserves
9 times out of 10 she photographs horribly... pictures just don't do her adorableness justice
She gets the biggest kick out of strumming on our lips while we hum
She got her first tooth the day before she turned seven months old
We cant help but love and adore her sweet little self and I can only hope that she feels the abundance of that love everyday.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Khage is THREE

Hey Khagey boy, how old are you dude?

Nope. Not anymore. Guess again.
Ya right, turd. You wish.
And we still can barely believe it.

A few facts about our little dude:
You are no longer able to be hushed. You ask questions all the time, including ones that leave Mommy & Daddy in quite the predicaments. Including: why are those people so fat? Why does that lady talk weird (she had a Chinese accent)? Why does that guy not have any teeth? & forget it if someone doesn't smile at you because you will demand to know why they have mean eyes and not nice ones.
You are such a good brother. As far as you are concerned Harlyn is yours and you love her so much... but you cannot wait until she is of wrestling age.
You love to be around your family (grandparents, cousins, aunts & uncles), and love to meet new kids and will instantly refer to them as your best friends.
You hate going to sleep. You will lay in your bed forever before falling asleep or until you manage to convince us to let you up.
You are such an early riser, but I have brainwashed you into believing that the day doesn't start until the sun is up.
If we want an instant smile out of you all it takes is a mimicked fart noise.
You are so dramatic with your emotions. The world just about ends for you at least once a day.
You are very particular about your clothing. You will refuse to wear shirts with pockets one day and the next day your boycotting long pants, often times I catch you trying to change your outfit mid day and you will try to match Daddy any and every chance you get.
With such a big personality comes a lot of ups and downs but no matter what, one thing is for sure, you keep life interesting. You bring so many smiles to our faces and a coziness to our hearts, you are our world and one of the best parts of this life.