Friday, December 20, 2013

Half a year old.

A few facts about our sweet girl:
After more then a month of getting up on all fours she graduated to crawling
In less then a week from learning to crawl she was climbing the stairs
She can also pull herself into the standing position
She loves loves loves to eat food, so much that she has yet to turn any food away even if you can tell she doesn't like it
She will stand up in her crib, lean her arms over the side and eventually drift off to sleep... then wake up a few minutes later, we can only assume from almost falling over
She is extremely fidgety; always bouncing or kicking her legs and flailing her arms around
Randomly throughout the day she will flash this creepy devilish grin for no apparent reason
She watches her hands open and close in amazement
She is our tough little cookie crumb, rarely crying when she falls down, and when she does cry it is only for a few seconds before she has moved on
She hums while she sucks on her fingers to sooth herself to sleep
She has finally started showing her Daddy the love that he deserves
9 times out of 10 she photographs horribly... pictures just don't do her adorableness justice
She gets the biggest kick out of strumming on our lips while we hum
She got her first tooth the day before she turned seven months old
We cant help but love and adore her sweet little self and I can only hope that she feels the abundance of that love everyday.

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