Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Khage is THREE

Hey Khagey boy, how old are you dude?

Nope. Not anymore. Guess again.
Ya right, turd. You wish.
And we still can barely believe it.

A few facts about our little dude:
You are no longer able to be hushed. You ask questions all the time, including ones that leave Mommy & Daddy in quite the predicaments. Including: why are those people so fat? Why does that lady talk weird (she had a Chinese accent)? Why does that guy not have any teeth? & forget it if someone doesn't smile at you because you will demand to know why they have mean eyes and not nice ones.
You are such a good brother. As far as you are concerned Harlyn is yours and you love her so much... but you cannot wait until she is of wrestling age.
You love to be around your family (grandparents, cousins, aunts & uncles), and love to meet new kids and will instantly refer to them as your best friends.
You hate going to sleep. You will lay in your bed forever before falling asleep or until you manage to convince us to let you up.
You are such an early riser, but I have brainwashed you into believing that the day doesn't start until the sun is up.
If we want an instant smile out of you all it takes is a mimicked fart noise.
You are so dramatic with your emotions. The world just about ends for you at least once a day.
You are very particular about your clothing. You will refuse to wear shirts with pockets one day and the next day your boycotting long pants, often times I catch you trying to change your outfit mid day and you will try to match Daddy any and every chance you get.
With such a big personality comes a lot of ups and downs but no matter what, one thing is for sure, you keep life interesting. You bring so many smiles to our faces and a coziness to our hearts, you are our world and one of the best parts of this life.

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