Monday, December 30, 2013

Knock Knock Who's There?

If you were to stop by my house unannounced you will probably see this


Yes, Khage will be there wearing an assortment of cute faces but it is the costume to which I am referring. On most days he can be found wearing it. Sometimes I will wash it and nicely lay it out for him knowing that will make him happy. And other days I bury it underneath a pile of dirty clothes and hope to neverland that he doesn't ask for it... usually he's on to me and by the middle of the day he will come strutting into the room wearing it with pride. Because I created this monster, the boy and the costume, I am solely to blame. I remember when I first made it how cute it was to see him wearing it... and now its taken on a life of its own. Khage has had numerous meltdowns over this costume. He pleads to wear it every morning when he gets dressed- whether it be clean or dirty and we fight just about every time that I ask him to take it off for bath time or to venture out in public. It even has an alter ego, sometimes when he's wearing it he isn't Peter Pan at all. No, he also goes by the name of Robin Hood. Maybe you have heard of him. Well just be sure if you do drop by you prepare yourself because, be it Peter Pan or Robin Hood, one of them is bound to answer the door.
Personally I think were making headway, at least he's fully clothed throughout the day.
And that's progress that I'm mighty proud of.

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