Monday, December 30, 2013

Our Little Beauty Pageant Reject

Good thing I am not the kind of mother who dreams of the day they can sign their daughter up for one of those baby beauty pageants. Thank goodness that falls into the category of: something I have absolutely no desire to do... ever. I have no inclination to parade my baby around asking for people to judge her purely on her physicality's. Don't get me wrong if that's what your about then parade away, in fact my Mom did. If  you knew what I looked like as a baby, then you would know that it wasn't I who she entered into such a contest. Which thinking about it now, maybe that is why I have such hostility toward this whole affair... AND the reason my self esteem is lacking. Thanks Mom.

Anyway. It's really quite a blessing because now I'm not disappointed in the fact that Harlyn wouldn't walk away with the grand prize. I'm not even sure she would be allowed to compete because it all starts with that entry photograph... and that isn't exactly Harlyn's specialty.

Let me just stop here for a moment and defend my baby. She is adorable. Cutest girl in the world.
Now that that is clear you must know this: While she IS adorable, majority of her photographs are not. This girl photographs bad. How bad you ask? You tell me.

Awww my poor Baby Love just can't keep it together when the camera comes out. Weird scary things suddenly happen to her sweet little face.

But then there is that rare occasion when the planets align, and we will snap a picture and she will look just as adorable on camera as she does in person.

And we can't help but love this beauty pageant reject. She will always be as perfect as ever to us... scary baby face and all.

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