Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Seven Months Old

A few special facts about our sweet girl:
She is rarely ever still, she twirls her feet in tiny circles up until the moment she falls asleep
If you grunt at her she will grunt right back
She fell down 3/4 of a flight of stairs before Daddy caught her
She opens and closes her hands repetitively when she wants something
She has really quick reflexes and will grab things the second they are within arms reach
She is boycotting purees and no longer wants to be spoon fed
I turned my back for a second and caught her splashing around in the toilet, ever since then if she sees the bathroom door open she will hightail it over there
She is very impatient, she will continuously smack the back of her head against her high chair until we feed her another bite
She has her two bottom teeth
She stands at her baby gate shaking the railings and screaming until we release her from baby jail
She doesn't care much for strangers
If she's climbing the stairs and sees us coming she will try and quicken her pace before we can catch her
She likes scratching her fingers over different textures
She never stays mad very long, she can be in the middle of a tantrum and we can get her smiling within seconds
She is literally the most wonderful girl in the world. We count ourselves blessed just to be her parents.


Friday, January 10, 2014

Christmas 2013 in a Chestnutshell

Based upon the date, its safe to say I have been putting off this post. Once Christmas was over we were ready to wash our hands of it. Any and all proof that Christmas ever happened was thrown up in the attic a day after the celebration. One single day.

No lie.

Everything needed to go. We even had the little green remnants of the fake tree vacuumed up before Harlyn had a chance to down a few.

That is a lie.

I did spot one little faux pine needle in her dirty diaper just yesterday. Right when I thought we had successfully moved on from this holiday there it was, in all its poo glory, taunting me.

The only things really left lingering about are the Christmas cards taped to the fridge, and that's only because I have a hard time tossing the faces of our friends and family into the trash bin. If only we had a paper shredder.

We just never got into Christmas 2013. Brad and I tried to make the best of it for the kids but sadly it just wouldn't stick. There was too much going on in the month of December to really focus on the joy that the holiday brings, and it has totally become centered around gifts instead of what's really important. It all just takes away from the magic and the moments being spent together as a family. And to think this was Harlyn's first Christmas. That poor girl got bamboozled. Thank goodness she's not too bright.

You didn't let me finish.

I was going to say, thank goodness she's not too bright just yet. We haven't given up on her completely.

Even our elf on the shelf got swindled of fun. He made an appearance a few times before he was permanently perched on the tree like a confounded tree topper. I even baked cookies in an attempt to force the spirit of the season into this home, surprise surprise three dozen consumed cookies isn't exactly the recipe for joy. Just a good old fashioned need for bigger pants.

We failed this year and we know it. But I am here to say next year will be great. At least it better be or else we will relocate ourselves to Mount Crumpit. That's a How the Grinch Stole Christmas reference.

Merry & Bright? Look whose being ironically clever. Nicely played Christmas card. Nicely played.