Sunday, February 23, 2014

8 Months

A few special facts about our sweet girl:
She has four teeth
She loves food and still hates to drink her milk
She is quite the little climber
Meat is her favorite.. chicken, beef and fish, she loves it all
She says Mama and will wave bye bye
She refuses to fall asleep in our bed with us no matter how many times we have tried
She scrunches up her nose and scowls a lot for no reason at all
She has started going down the stairs not just up anymore
She no longer yanks her bows off her own head within the first few minutes of me putting them on
She loves knocking over blocks, I hardly have time to stack them before she is already swatting away
She can entertain herself most of the day simply by exploring 
Twice now she has remained standing after letting go of the couch
This girl is still ALWAYS moving, fidgeting or flailing around
as much as I hate to see our baby grow up, I cant deny how exciting it is to watch her as she learns new things and becomes more independent.

My two favorite little things

Khage and Harlyn are my absolute favorite little things.

If you really want to get technical cheese is my number one favorite thing, and any other form of food falls into second place as my next favorite thing. Because lets face it neither cheese nor food kept me awake a few nights ago until 3:30 in the morning simply because they wanted to hang out. And I'm also pretty sure cheese and food are not the culprits for the snot streaks left all over the shoulder of my sweater this passed week. But this is all neither here nor there.

My kids are my absolute favorite people. There, that phrase sits right with me.

They are so great together. Alone they are pretty great too... but pair them up and they really compliment each other. Like peanut butter and jelly. Assuming the peanut butter was super protective over the jelly and refused to let her anywhere near the stairs or around anything potentially dangerous. I hear him all throughout the day yelling noooo, that's a chocking hazard and he can then be found with his hand half way down her throat digging around while she screams bloody murder because you know who died and left him in charge.

Note to the peanut butter: your hand can also be a choking hazard.

And that jelly, boy does she love Khage. He can bring a smile to her face instantly and can send her into the cutest little giggle fests. Give me a handful of cheese and a few snacks while I kick back and watch my two lovers laugh together... that my friends is pure magic to my Mama heart.