Monday, March 17, 2014

Farmer in the dell.

But 'round these here parts we like to say farmer in the side yard... we don't have us a dell.

In fact I am not even sure what a dell is.

Googled it...Because this blog is fun AND educational. A dell is a small valley among a lot of trees.

I told you we didn't have a dell.

But we do have farmers.

And this farmer is mighty proud of his harvest.

Then this one just sits on the job and reaps the nutritious benefits.

In addition to the scrawny carrots, we also have regular sized ones, bushels of romaine, red lettuce, cauliflower, eight tomatoes (yup, only 8), and heaps of spinach.
For our first go at farming I am pretty impressed with ourselves. I would have been happy just to see the plants grow in size... its really just an added bonus that some of it was edible.
Now excuse us while we go plow the fields.
Well, we are not going to do it right this second but that phrase makes for a pretty decent closer on this post. And did I mention we don't even have a plow... we just kinda turn up the dirt with a shovel and a pickaxe.
So, in summarization: no dell and no plow. Obviously we are running a pretty scanty operation over here... such is the life of a few farmers in the suburbs.

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Jason and Brittany said...

Love those pics. Glad your scrawny veggies survived!