Monday, March 24, 2014

Let Her Freak Flag Fly

There are some babies who just eat, sleep and poop.
Then there is Harlyn.
When she was just a few months old we could already see glimpses of her personality, but now that she's older it refuses to be contained. This ones a hot mess.
For starters the girl lacks all manners completely. She shovels food into her mouth like an animal, and those feet comfortably placed on the table during dinner... really child were you raised in a barn?
Remember those scary baby faces (mentioned here) well they are only getting worse... or better depending upon if you dig this kinda look.

And if you are in the market for a smile... this is really the best its gonna get. No sweet little girl smiles coming from this one. Between the nose scrunch and evil eye its going downhill pretty quick.
Then she climbs into things all of the time. Great if she would just stay in them for longer then a few seconds so I could take a break from chasing her around.
 And we can slap a bow and some ruffles on her all we want but its not going to change the fact that already she reeks of a tomboy. If given the opportunity she will hightail it to the garage to seek out tools and other potentially dangerous things. After all she is her father's daughter.
And she is constantly hanging her fat little diapered butt up in the air. Which seems cute enough, until you realize that the girl's pluming is pretty overactive and this may be her way of letting you know that a changing is in order.
 I love her and all her strangeness... but a little class wouldn't hurt.

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