Friday, March 21, 2014

The Price He Pays for Fun

Safe to say this new addition to Khage's face happened on Daddy's shift.
Its not like these things don't happen on my watch.
Its just that these things don't happen on my watch.
Its really not Daddy's fault, the guy just isn't a Mommy and we can't blame him for that.
Trust me I have tried... its a worthless battle.

I am surely not saying that things have NEVER in history happened when I was supervising, because they have. But those accidents were all pretty minor and I blame the eyes on the back of my head.
Not the front ones.
The front ones rarely let me down.
But those rear eyes... those things aren't apart of the original design. They are still working through some kinks. I'm thinking by the third kid they'll be solid.

What it really comes down to is fun. Daddy is a dirty little fun haver and Khage is along for the ride... until he's not anymore because he flew out of the bike trolly.

No seriously Khage flew out of a bike trolly.

Brad says faulty brittled straps but I say it was the fun that flows through Brads veins... darn that fun. Darn it right to heck. I guess I am just too safe... safe and superficial. That face has to be in family portraits and I like it better when its not ridden with road rash.

Good thing this kids a quick healer.


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