Wednesday, March 26, 2014


On some mornings my two overly rambunctious little ones are no match for my mommy skills; I can juggle both of their needs all the while keeping volume in my hair and a permasmile plastered on my face. I can prepare a bottle for Harlyn, whip Khage up some pancakes and maintain a complete state of patience while both kids yank on my pant legs and scream for attention.

And then there was today.

Khage was in dire need of my time at the exact moment that I discovered a fresh deposit in Harly's diaper. So I changed her while attempting to distract Khage from realizing that I was tending to her more urgent need first. Somewhere between wake up time and breakfast these two got the best of me.... that patient and unruffled mommy could not be summoned from inside of me.

It took me all of 20 minutes before I realized that during that diaper change I forgot to place a fresh diaper where the dirty diaper once belonged, I just snapped on her onsie and tended to Khage.

Thank you pee spot for making me aware of my massive mommy fail for the day.

Disclaimer: that spot is most definitely not urine. I couldn't possibly stumble upon a pee spot on the carpet and snap pictures of it right in front of the guilty party, and her brother, for fear that they would both assume this form of activity was favorable.

Could you imagine days from now when Khage has an inkling to pee in a corner somewhere in the house, Of course we are allowed to pee on the carpet Harlyn. Remember last time you did? Mom was so proud she ran to grab her camera to take photos of it like it was the first time I successfully went poop on the potty.

(I can't be the only person who took a picture of their kid's first turd on the potty... right?)

So instead I huffed and puffed about it, cursed that perfect mommy for not making an appearance today and cleaned it up... then I did what any normal mommy blogger would do: I poured water on the carpet to stage the original accident once both kids were down for a nap.

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Lorna Whitehead said...

Great Blogs. Love every last word of them. Thanks, -Grandma.