Friday, April 18, 2014


A few special facts about our sweet girl:
She has seven teeth
She is now walking but still prefers to crawl
She isn't talking yet, a few Mama's & Dada's but that's it
If she hears the door to the backyard open, even if she is upstairs, she will head there in a jiff
She screams all of the time, but also hums little tunes
She dances to anything that remotely sounds like music (even if its just the sound made when sanding a piece of wood)
Her dance moves are crazy awkward
She makes sounds with her lips incessantly
When she tries to crawl really quick she adds in a few head bows like she's a pony
She loves to stick her dirty little fingers in mouths
She doesn't care to eat anymore because she cant stand to be confined to her booster seat
She will initiate peekaboo by hiding behind corners or covering her head with a blanket
She loves to love cheese
She poops at least three times a day
She startles to easily
She is beginning to understand the no word no
She will pucker her lips for kisses
 really this girl cannot be any cuter. Not even a little bit.

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