Wednesday, May 7, 2014


A few special facts about our sweet girl:
She has one molar
She can take off her own diaper
She still naps twice a day and refuses to let me eliminate one of them
She got her first freckle on her left knee
She is always trying to share her bottle or feed us food off her plate
She thinks its funny to smack people in the face
She pulls out strands of her own hair and then eats them
She will lean over and kiss her baby dolls goodnight
She uses little moccasin style shoes outdoors and walks in them perfectly
Her drool ruined my phone
She gets frustrated in dresses because she gets all tangled in them when she's moving about and playing
She rarely says Mama and Dada anymore
If you tell her no sternly it hurts her feelings and makes her cry
She walks like a drunk E.T.
She is still wearing some 9 month old clothes
She is such a happy girl... until you tick her off and then she just screams a lot
She loves putting things in containers which makes clean up with this one a breeze
I refuse to believe that she is getting any older because she still very much feels like that baby we brought home from the hospital such a short time ago. I don't know if its because we don't want to let her grow up or if its her scrawny size that prevents our minds from looking at her like she's grown at all.... either way this little sweetie will always be our baby. 

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