Friday, May 16, 2014


Tomorrow is your first birthday and as exciting as that milestone is I can't help but feel sad. It's hard to put into words how incredible this past year with you has been. It was your brother who first made me a mommy but it was you who softened my heart. Everything is so much sweeter with a girl and everything with you is just a little bit brighter. You shine my love, oh how you shine. Already I can tell that you will light up rooms and be the cause of so much happiness. You may be our scrawny little thing but your personality is enormous. I beam with pride when I think about all the people who will be affected by your happy spirit. I gave birth to a reason people will smile and nothing makes me prouder. Your sweet grins while you slept and your crazy hair had us smiling from day one, and now I look forward to all the many more ways that you will bring joy into our lives. We are more then blessed to have been given you, and I will never stop thanking God for that gift. You may be a big girl now but my heart will always know you as my baby.  Harlyn, Harly Belle, Missy Mae Mae... I hope you always feel the abundance of my love.
*I don't care if your 12, 25, or 35 when you find this letter buried beneath stories of our family through blog posts, please come find me so on this particular day I will get to hug my baby made of sunshine.


Nana said...

Very sweet Jamee.

Lorna Whitehead said...

I love your blogs.