Friday, May 16, 2014


Would you guys judge me if I taped my sons mouth shut for most of the day? Of course you would, I would judge me too... but then the room would be filled with nothing but silence and judgment would slowly fade away into bliss. I am stuck between a rock and a hard place over here, and the rocks just sitting there talkin' my ear off. Something's gotta give. Maybe we could make a game out of it.

The silent game? Don't make laugh, that game only buys me a good minute thirty before he's back to talking, I need something more.

I'm seeing our own weird rendition of piñata. But the blindfold wouldn't cover his eyes, but strategically placed over his mouth instead.
And there wouldn't be a stick.
Or a crepe paper covered animal.
And definitely not candy.
So not at all like piñata.

Obviously I'm not fully committed to that idea. I'm pretty open to suggestions at this point in the brainstorming process. And double points if its travel friendly because once I am stuck in the car with Chatty Kathy it only intensifies.  When he goes to gasp for air in-between words I jump at this opportunity to crank up the music and then I think I have finally gotten him. Oh how silly I can be... he's persistent and wont be going out that easily. He refuses to tap out simply because the radio is trying to drown him out... his indoor voice slowly raises with every volume increase until he's borderline yelling at me from the backseat. So by now the radio is blaring and so is Khage, I'm backed into a corner until I admit defeat and turn the radio off to hear him better.

What I need is one of those limo interior windows, you know the ones that separate the driver from the passengers? And their soundproof. Yes, that is what I am in the market for. My problem is solved.

Sorry Harlyn, your on your own.

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