Wednesday, May 28, 2014


I have been wearing this necklace that Khage made me for two days now.

Well, I cant get anything passed you now can I?

Your right it isn't exactly a necklace but a hair clip attached to an elastic headband. Its a little on the janky side but also quite charming. Clearly he didn't spend a lot of time crafting it but when I put it on he said I looked beautiful, and frankly I'm pretty hard up for compliments these days so back off while I ride this sentiment train for all its worth. And at some point he also used the adjective "adorable", and nothing else makes you feel ten years younger then being called adorable. You cant buy that kind of age reversal in a bottle people.

And now I'm anxious for Khage to go to kindergarten. Hello necklaces made of food. I can see me now looking so glam in my jewelry made of fruit loops and dry macaroni noodles, both equally stylish and totally edible. Don't be a hero and say dry macaroni isn't exactly a delicious snack... can you say ramen noodles in junior high? No one was preparing their ramen back then, it was all about the uncooked noodles. That used to be the lunch for champions, unless of course you had P.E after because it was a little on the heavy side with all it's starches and no protein.

But edible jewelry is for later, right now I'm content to wear this little gem and be adorably beautiful in my son's eyes. And don't think I didn't see that lady in front of me at the grocery store eye ballin' my new bling. Back off lady it ain't for sale.

Or maybe it is, try the hair care aisle.     

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