Sunday, May 18, 2014


A few special facts about our sweet girl:
Her desire to scream is at an all time high
She just found out she has a birthmark on her belly and she grabs at it all the time
She tries to put on her own clothes
She will cry when we try to bring her back inside the house from the backyard
Out of no where she has started fussing in her bed before falling asleep
She nursed for one day short of a solid year
She refused to nurse the morning before the day of her birthday
She eats the food off the floor better then she does off her own plate
She is cutting her second molar
She loves avocados and cheese
She will not eat apple sauce from the pouch but will eat it fine from a spoon
She is becoming incredible saucy when we tell her no or take things away
She will lean over and give her babies a kiss
But she is all types of stingy when WE ask for a kiss
She has finally started saying Mama again
She calls Khage Dada
She still sucks on her fingers when she's tired or sleeping
One day we asked her to go wake brother up from nap and she knew to go upstairs and into his room to find him
She gets bonked, hit, and falls down all the time but never bruises
We cannot believe the first year of her life has already come and gone so quickly, and as much as we look forward to watching her become our little girl we will surely miss our sweet little baby.

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