Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Remember last time you stopped by, you figured you would waste a few minutes of your day on some light hearted fun....

but then I was all BAM in depression mode because my daughter was bald and I started projecting on you.

Sorry 'bout that. It's just that, if I'm having a crumb day I want company.

I'm obnoxious like that... and I get lonely in my misery.

But maybe I owe it to you to make this right. Challenge accepted.

Who doesn't love a tale of courage and heroics?

Let us begin...

A few nights ago Khage was lying in his bed, we read him a book, told him a story and kissed him goodnight. The little tyrant still takes more then an hour of lying there before he actually falls asleep, so we left his door slightly cracked so the lights from downstairs could give him just enough comfort but not keep him awake. Brad and I were in the kitchen when Khage started calling our names, not completely unusual considering if you tell a kid to go to bed they will always ask for a drink of water. Always.

We ignored him. But then he started getting frantic. Brad went in to check on him and he told Daddy that a scorpion monster came into his room.

And so the nightmares begin.

But then he quickly changed his story to just a regular scorpion came into his room. Because his story was jumping all over the place, he obviously couldn't be trusted. Three year olds at lightsout will start getting desperate. So Brad tried to put him back in bed but Khage wasn't having any of that business. So the kind Daddy that Brad is agreed to black light for scorpions and prove there weren't any...

But then there was. A scorpion was right next to his door. Khage literally lied in bed and watched a scorpion walk into his room. Because the door was cracked, he could see it moving in the sliver of light. Apparently his eyesight is marvelous.

I think a thank you Mommy for making me eat all my carrots is in order.

After Brad killed it we let Khage lie in our bed for a good 45 minutes to calm down. By then it was getting pretty late and we all needed to get to sleep. Just to throw it out there Brad told Khage it was time for him to go get into his own bed. And he did it. He actually did it. When I was a kid and there was a spider in the house I avoided that area for weeks, even after it was dead. As far as I was concerned that area belonged to the bugs. It was like their delegated hangout spot and I wasn't gonna fight them for it. It was an unspoken agreement, if the spiders had clubhouses in various spots of the house they wouldn't need to go into my bed. Even as a child I was very wise.

But Khage and all his moxy. He didn't have an issue climbing back into his scorpion infested room to go to sleep.

This kids a warrior.

And that's the only picture you get.
If you thought for one second that I was going to leave my child alone in his room with a scorpion while I went for my camera, you are sadly mistaken.
Talk about traumatizing. Khage try not to get stung by the poisonous creature while Mommy documents this charade. I wanna capture the look of terror on your face so don't move a muscle.
And the award for worst mommy ever goes to...

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