Tuesday, June 17, 2014


My kids have the best Daddy.

I know, I know. You think your kids have the best Daddy.

Frankly, in a contest such as this there really isn't a single winner. The world would be more then happy to grant every Daddy this award. And while Daddies win the title they aren't the only ones who win. Our kids win too for obvious reasons; they are the proud owners of a Best Daddy. And us wives win as well, because look at us marrying a man who deserves such a title. We really know how to pick em'.

But lets stop bogarting the glory....

Brad is an amazing father. He works hard, provides for us, yada yada yada. I could ramble on all day about the cliché qualities of a Best Daddy and you better believe Brad possess all of them.

Well, most of them. His patience could use some work.

j/k honey, me love you long time.

But seriously, work on your patience.

There is one quality in Brad that I know not all Daddies possess; he always want's to be here, at home with us, smack in the middle of the chaos and the crying. He doesn't have his own time. His time is devoted to our kids. This wonderful man chooses his family first, every single time. The only way I can talk him into going on a motorcycle ride or slip off to the gym is once the kids have gone to bed. Its not out of guilt, but because this is where his heart is. His children are his life and nothing makes a woman happier then to be married to that kind of man.

So what do you get such a guy when Fathers Day rolls around...

A pontoon boat or something equally amazing, of course.

But that's a smidge over budget. So Khage made him this instead...

I asked Khage numerous questions about Brad and then took note of his answers. Then we used the other side of the frame for Khage to draw a picture of his Daddy. He even included a little doodle of himself. And ya if you were wondering that is in fact a picture of Khage and Brad playing ball up on a wall.

Try and tell me in twenty years Brad wont stumble upon this and cry like he never has before.
That's my mission when giving gifts, to reduce Brad to tears.
I think this ones gonna get him. 
Sorry in advance old man Brad, but I'm coming for you.

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