Saturday, June 7, 2014


I am inlove with these photos.

Every. Last. One.

I guess I could really do without the crying one down at the bottom right. But for the sake of capturing Harlyn at the age of one, it needed to be included because lets face it this girl crys a lot.

Shes a big crier.

Huge cry baby.

But now we're just name calling.

She refused to wear her headband for most of the photos so that's probably why she's crying. I always make a big huff over her taking them off, seems like I hurt her feelings.

Get over it girl, Mama's trying to freeze time and I want you fully accessorized. Now spit out that mud and stop playing in the dog's water bowl.

Yup, that pretty much sums up all backyard dialog between Harlyn and I.

This was probably the hardest photoshoot to date, which is ironic because it entailed zero posing. I just wanted to follow her around and capture the tiniest details while she played; the way her wispy hair sits atop her tiny head, her little toes with the overgrown toe nails (fail), her scrawny little neck and long legs, the expression on her face while she sucks on her fingers and her adorable toothy grin. I wanted it all.

I'm greedy like that.

*Don't for a second think this concludes the Harlyn Turned One series. I haven't even talked about her birthday yet. If you don't much care for babies' faces covered in cake steer clear of this blog for a few days.

But do come back, oh how I love our one sided conversations.

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