Wednesday, June 11, 2014


When my kids hear the mixer start up they all come a runnin'.

I dont blame them. If I was to hear something sizzling in a cast iron skillet I know I would hurry on over to investigate.

Khage says he just wants to help me bake, but I have come to realize that is really code word for Can I lick the spoon?

the bowl?

the wisk?

and/or the counter?

Harlyn is there purely to make a mess. Her job isn't complete until there is batter dripping down the cabinets and onto the floor.

Which works out quite well considering Khage is the self proclaimed clean up kid.

I had taken other pictures that actually included faces, but in my opnion this one takes the cake. Two little hands up to no good. The one on the right is Harlyn, busy scooping batter out of the bowl and onto the counter with a measuring spoon.

At least Khage is acting productive.  Fake stir. Fake stir. Lick. Repeat.

And if your curious, this is what I was trying to bake before I got ambushed. Best banana bread ever.

A few tips of my own:

-Use white whole wheat flour instead of all purpose flour. It is as healthy as whole wheat but milder in taste and bakes up better. If you want more information on it read this.

-If your feeling fancy, substitute 3/4 cups of the flour for grain flour (I use this stuff) to give it some crunch.

-Don't let your kids consume/waste half the batter, for best results bake during nap time.

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