Friday, June 6, 2014


12 arm chair relocations
11 of which required lugging the chair downstairs from the upstairs
10 headbands
747 pictures taken
90% of those pictures discarded
9 baby smiles
and a whole heck of a lot of yelling and song singing (at an annoyingly high level) just to get said smiles.

Worth it?



Just for the record, I deserved the full 12 smiles.

But in the first few photos she was a newborn and newborns are always blah. They don't respond well to my singing or my jokes... obviously that's a character flaw that they grow out of because soon enough her and I started jivin'.

Then at six months she went through another shady phase. But that one I deserved. We needed to work through some things. That was the month we transitioned her from her safe little baby bath into the real bathtub... needless to say, I forgot how slippery babies can be and she went under a few times during the washing cycle.

My bad.


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RiverShadow said...

Well done. Awesome pictures. Good data captured. And a beautiful girl !!