Monday, July 28, 2014


We will never take these kids camping again.
Never ever.

And when I say never ever again, what I mean is: we will probably go again in a few months.
But definitely not next month.

Brad and I hardly deserve that kind of torture.
Although, our wilderness devil children would probably love that, purely to pang us.

Stop. I need to explain this cheesy fingered situation. While we were scoping out the ideal campsite we were all chowing on Doritos, and every time Harlyn wanted another one all we could see was her little orange dusty fingers shoot up from the back seat. We died. All 6 times.
And that concludes the fun portion of this trip.
Commence all the crying and wining, disguised in photos as an enjoyable family camping trip.

Where there is mud, these kids will go. I'm not complaining, I love me some filthy outdoor babies. Just as much as I love getting all Sacagawea on them later, and bathing them in the lake.



Do you see how close I am? I think if I were quick enough I could have snatched him up and skewered him. Maybe this one's too cute to eat, but he had a little fat friend running around that I wouldn't mind gettin' my hands on.

Grandma and Pompa even drove up for a day to go fishing with us. These kids are so darn lucky, clearly they wouldn't have made the drive just to smell see Brad and I. 

Things I want to remember about this trip:
Once the kids got a whiff on the fresh air they morphed into miserable little people, but returned to their natural selves once the campsite was completely packedup and the fire was put out. oh joy.
While camping, both kids were happiest once when we let them play inside the Tahoe.
Khage zonked out early in the evening, Harlyn on the other hand was on crack and refused to go to sleep at a normal hour. She spent her time winding down by jumping all over her slumbering brother while Brad laughed uncontrollably, only encouraging her poor behavior.
While hiking, Harlyn was thrilled to stop and pick flowers.
Khage absolutely loved fishing, but even more so he just loved playing with the bait worms.
So much in fact, he wanted us to take them home, sadly we made him release them into the wild. #myparentsaresouncool


Ya. I think were done here.

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