Monday, July 7, 2014


It rained. In Arizona, it actually friggin rained.
Water, literally fell down from the sky and made massive puddles. And the next morning those puddles got together and called our names. And when a puddle calls your name, you listen.

And sometimes, not all the time, but sometimes it demands you get your bike and ride through it... preferably shirtless and in tight pajama pants.

Well, not all of us got the same request.
It made itself very clear it wanted me: with shirt and preferably in loose fitting bottoms.

Don't hate, puddle, don't hate. Mama's got it going on. But yes, I will wear a shirt.

Now, lets ride. 
Khage kicked up the cutest little wakes.
His pj's were soaked and he laughed hysterically.
I love when it rains. But even more so, I love what the rain does to my boy. 


RiverShadow said...

Beautiful and wonderful! Smiles all around :)

RiverShadow said...

Happy birthday to a fantastic Mom :)

Brad and Jamee said...

Thanks Dad!

Lorna Whitehead said...

Good Times!!!