Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Lets talk about what's not a good idea:

Selfie shots on your 28th birthday.

I'm old now, and no number of selfie shots can reverse it. Simply saying selfie makes me feel outdated. Stand down if your older then me. My birthday, my rant.

I took over thirty something selfies today, and yup those bags under my eyes are present in every single one.
I turned away from the sun.
I dropped my chin.
I swung my hair about.
And I used various rooms in the house.
But darn if those eye bags aren't persistent.

FYI, selfies in the family room look about the same as selfies in the living room.

I keep telling myself, self your a mom and this is what mom's look like. But all that does, is remind me that my stomachs not in great shape either. Oy vey.

And don't bother asking me about the placement of my left arm in picture 2 and 4. I was going for the casually sitting about while feeling playful look. But seems, I captured the don't mind me pulling the back of my own hair look. There's a thin line and I crossed it. 27 year old Jamee would have nailed it, darn this older version of myself.

And if you must know, I didn't even bother to put on real pants for these pictures. I'm still in my pajamas. My energy levels also not what it used to be.

My face is a hot mess. My stomachs in shambles. And my energy's junked... thank goodness for the best birthday presents a mother could ask for: a reason to never take selfies again.

These cute little chums really know how to distract the eye from the car wreck that is my face.

Don't pity me, just tell me how to stop it.

This aging thing ends tonight.

... or we'll just revisit this again next year.


Fressia Vaughn said...

Bahaha. You crack me up. I've been noticing the aging face thing since I was pregnant with Patrick. My face has not returned to what I used to consider a fairly acceptable prettiness. It is the bane of my existence. And while we are on the subject of selfies - I HATE THIS PHENOMENON. It seems so incredibly narcissistic. I know, I know, I've read the articles saying that selfies are empowering, and good for the self-esteem, and have flooded the world with "normal" women instead of the stick figures that usually grace ads, magazines, etc. However, I cannot help but see the negative link between selfies and self-esteem. (How many likes can I get? I'm embarrassed I only got ten likes, etc....)

Lorna Whitehead said...

Calling the "Whambulance" for you whiners. Take a selfie when you're 55.

Nicole Ritchie said...

Sister you are hilarious!!! You are just as beautiful if not more beautiful now knowing that you have given life AND can still take a selfie!! LOL!! But you are right....i love the selfie with those other 2 cuties way more! Love ya :P

Nana said...

You said itLorna. Waa Waa Waa

RiverShadow said...

Hope you had a wonderful birthday with family and your beautiful little ones :-)
Blessings for abundance till next year same time and forever after!!