Sunday, October 19, 2014


I hate those parents who are always like my kids the smartest kid in the world because 1. its pretty obnoxious and 2. its not true because mine is.


I know, hate me if you will but I totally feel like that sometimes. My kid really is the smartest kid ever

Khage has officially learned to ride a bike, a big boy one with no training wheels. And while it doesn't take a genius to ride a bike,  it does take coordination, dedication and that raw fearlessness. All traits of Einstein I am sure. Not a foreshadowing, just an observation.

I am a combination of shocked, proud and sad over Khage meeting this milestone head on. Brad ran holding onto him for all of 50 yards before Khage no longer needed him. He fell only once before he was riding that bike like he has been secretly sneaking off to lessons in the middle of the night. Sidenote: He hasn't, trust me. I alarm the house at night so as to catch him with his body half out a window mid escape...

Enough from me, watch my baby not be a baby anymore.

That was only Khage's second time on a bike and now he's going off curbs, down driveways and pedaling while standing up. Add impressed to the cocktail of emotions I have got going on right now.


Jason and Brittany said...

SO exciting!!! Such a fun day! We'll be sure to bring our bikes next time were out so Khage can show off his mad skills!

David and Jessica said...

that is amazing! way to go Khage!