Friday, October 10, 2014


Oh how I have missed you. You being my blog... but because I'm feeling super affectionate I will throw one of those missed you's at you too random reader. Unless your my mom... because I just saw you.

Now imagine me sitting at my desk lovingly petting my blog. After six years this blog has weaseled its way into my heart and I just don't feel right when I abandon it for weeks on end. But it was for a good cause, a cause that may benefit this blog... but probably not. I'm back in school, taking a few courses... and I would like to tell you that may translate into less run on sentences but who am I kidding that's my calling card. My professors hate it I am sure, but you guys like it right? Right? Hello. Bueller.

Just to clarify, the run-ons set the conversational tone around here, so don't be too quick to bust out the red pen and attack my stylistic errors. Here, on this blog, we okay run-ons, we skip out on our weekly posting obligations and sometimes if were feeling froggy we post staged pictures of ourselves.


Can you feel that scholarly aura radiating off that picture? Was is the highlighter? Stack of books? Oh, the banana. It was definitely the banana. That was Brad's idea... gotta have that brain food people.

Anyway, I'm back in school and I haven't found a super effective means of  keeping my kids distracted long enough to enable me to do school work AND blog. So until then were gonna have to settle for some shoddy posts every other week.

And just for reference, all those books above are not required reading materials for school, just a few randoms I picked up from around the house. One of those books may be titled The Dangerous Book for Boys and until James Dean and Marlon Brando magically team up and starts teaching I'm not convinced that book will ever become mandatory.

But just so we are clear, if that class was offered I would absolutely take it. Abso friggin lutely.


Lorna Whitehead said...

Love it.
-Mom W.

David and Jessica said...

That's awesome. I had the opportunity to go back aaand decided not to. You're a braver woman than I.

Brad and Jamee said...

haha Jessica, brave? No, three months in and I think it was purely stupid. I cant accomplish anything, my house is trashed and I'm sure both my kids kinda hate me right now. Between you and I, schools for moms with alotta patience and well-behaved children... both of which I do not have!