Tuesday, November 18, 2014

18 Months

Yesterday our littlest lover turned eighteen months. Our Harley Belle has grown up so quick in the past few months that I feel completely blindsided. 
A few facts about our sweet little girl:
She's really not that sweet anymore, if provoked, she will hit you
She loves string cheese and homemade black beans
She screams all the time, for everything and nothing
She is potty trained but still sleeps in a diaper
She mumbles words and mimics tones
Right when she wakes up the first thing she wants is water
She is incredibly sensitive, just about everything hurts her feelings
She loves playing with her baby dolls or play food
She will go and rub Khage's back whenever he's crying
If we threaten to spank her she will finally mind us
If she wakes up fully from 9 to midnight she will not fall asleep for hours after
She loves petting Baggera but highly dislikes Koda
She says bye with a country twang
She is just now growing out of 12 -18 month clothes
She is in that frumpalump awkward hair stage
She will randomly give just because kisses
Shoes and socks are her obsession
Although she is incredible saucy at times, she will always be our precious little darling.
To the moon and back with love for this girl.



Nana said...

You forgot one thing, she likes selfies. Love that little one xoxo

Brad and Jamee said...

YES, she totally does like selfies! Selfies and shoes... AY YI YI, I have my work cut out for me with this one.

Fressia Vaughn said...

I'm so so impressed. That's pretty awesome. I bet she grows up to be a total cleanliness freak - why else would a child be so concerned with no longer sitting in their own byproduct?