Saturday, November 15, 2014


Sometimes I just wish I could give one of my kid props and the other one not get an itch to do something else equally impressive. Sometimes it would be nice to say hey person, look at what amazing thing this one kid of mine is doing without the other one getting all territorial over my admiration. I have got kids over here trying to one up eachother in incredible feats and monumental milestones. Ugh, what a life I lead with incredibly skilled and quick learning progenies.

Now read that again with a sarcastic tone.

Once Harlyn caught site of Khage getting his own featured blog post about riding his bike without training wheels, she decided to raise the bar.

And with the bar she also decided to raise the roof. Raise the roof people, because my little girl, not even 18 months old is potty trained.

Woop woop.
Poop poop.

Don't act like you don't see that turd. Its not the size that matters here, I'm just happy that lil guy didn't funnel down her pant leg and make itself comfortable on the carpet somewhere.... aaaaaanyway.

She stopped wearing diapers during the day over 3 weeks ago. She does occasionally have accidents and she continues to wear diapers during naps... AND that's all your gonna get from me in terms of playing down this amazing accomplishment.

Brad and I laugh because she has no desire to talk, but darn it the girl wants to potty like the rest of.

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Lorna Whitehead said...

What a doll. Yay Harlyn!!!