Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Dont Judge

Your kitchen too would look like this if an intruder decided to invade your home.

Don't freak out.

We weren't robbed.... Your so dramatic. Why in the world would a burglar upturn the oven? I don't hide my none-existent gems and diamonds under the stove, although that would be genius. Genius, before I blasted out my newly discovered secret hiding location on the web.

It wasn't a vandalizer or a thief, instead it was a dirty, stinky little house mouse. Although he didn't have intentions of taking off with our goods, I still feel violated by his mere presence. Khage on the other hand wanted to keep him. We met in the middle: releasing him near the wash by our house.

Tell me this? Should I be worried about my cleanliness if a mouse chose this particular place to pillage? Originally, I thought of myself as a clean person. I sweep multiple times a day and frantically wipedown the counters just about everytime I come into the kitchen. Seems I'm gonna need to step up my game to ward off future intruders... after all he knows where we live.

And don't worry about the toddler completely unsupervised on the counter... pretend the floor below her is scattered with pillows. It wasn't. But pretend. If the fictitious pillow safety feature isn't enough for you, Daddys in the diving with a 50 50 chance of catching her range. Believe dat.


David and Jessica said...
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Lorna Whitehead said...

I'm missing some posting here. No new news? Nothing interesting going on in your life? Kids getting pretty boring? No Turkeys to burn? No kidney beans cooking that you can share with your public? :) :) :)

Brad and Jamee said...

Remember that one time that you sat me down and insulted my writing...

ya, I'm still recovering.

HAHA, joking Mom.