Monday, February 23, 2015


This post could also have been titled...

Oh, I get it. Now its starting to make sense how babies are made.

But, lets stick with the original.

Baby Number 3 / Baby Roo is here, in the womb sucking me dry of nutrients and I don't care a bit. I'm happy to turn feeble for the sake of our last child. With Khage I worked until almost 40 weeks so I was always exhausted, with Harlyn I was always trying to prove I could handle everything without help, but with this one I just feel blissful. I am relishing in it all because there is something so very magical about knowing this is you last time being pregnant, nothing can get you down.

Unless I get cankles.

But for now, I will relish in all things pregnancy related... even those pesky belly button hernias were embraced. It was the first time I truly felt pregnant so I couldn't help but "enjoy" them. And look at my baby above all 12 weeks old and without knees.

And now I cannot believe it is already 14 weeks old.

Thus far this baby is the least active in-womb of all my children... which I like to think translates to an uber calm and quiet baby. That's called pregnant lady hopefulness. Us, pregnants, are known for catching a dirty case of the glass half-fulls and Mama's bankin' on this one being easy peasy lemon squeezy.
Although I don't much have an affection for lemons... Easy peasy triple cheesy.
YES... that one suits me just right.  

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