Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Give me a few minutes to recall some details of Christmas...

Because that's what happens the minute you have children, your once sharp memory, the same one you once prided yourself on, turns to mush. A once lock tight memory bank has an open door and dangling latch.

But all is no lost. I do recall this being the best Christmas yet. We basked in the beauties of this holiday season... unlike last year.

This year we happily blew our money on gifts that the kids no longer play with, ate way too many sugary treats but didn't care because that's what sweat pants are for and I didn't get all that mad every single time one of the kids yanked an ornament off the tree and broke it. We were happy. Still are. If you need us we'll be riding this ride until there's no more stops. And if a happy cheery Christmas full of love isn't enough for you...
Were also famous.
LIKE TOTALLY 8 PAGES DEEP IN A MAGAZINE FAMOUS. That's 8 pages into the magazine and you will see our faces, not 8 pages dedicated solely to our faces.... just to clarify. Were just beginning our famous so don't get crazy. Soon enough we'll be washed up... but until then lets look at the famous versions of ourselves yet again. Want a hard copy? Find us in the magazine section at your local grocery or book retailer, that's Country Living March issue page 8.

I'm so glad my mom never taught me to cook properly, turkey cooked to perfection is not nearly as humorous as the bird all a'blaze. And for those of you with the sharp 20/20, Brad's gun IS missing. The editors at Country Living thought it may be too controversial with all the gun control issues floating about... sorry Brad, but if they asked to put a Spiderman mask on me, permission to Photoshop Harlyn into twins and wanted to switch out Khages shoes for a pair of cowboy boots with spurs I would have let them. You wanna put me in a magazine... modify it as you see fit.
If your not convinced how legit this situation is, need I remind you that we are side by side to a Tidy Cats ad. Tidy Cats is like one of the top cat liters in this country. If that's not confirmation, I just don't know what is.

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