Thursday, April 16, 2015

baby roo | week 22

For the sake of the record keeper I am actually 24 weeks at this exact moment. Its also 3 pm and I am still in my pajamas if you wanna get real thorough about it all.

Really, as long as your out of the first trimester weeks don't truly matter anymore. Sized like a banana, pineapple, or carrot... they all seem to be relatively similarly sized so either way I'm confused and not entirely sure why we keep comparing my baby to produce. The only reference I ever understood was the "watermelon" sized fruitage being pushed out of my body during birth, because I can unhappily attest to that.

Can I just brag a moment about how good I am feeling right now. So good infact I think I may have gained energy with this child. I haven't been sick a smidge, I am constantly running around and haven't yet felt the need to slip it into neutral. I think I could honestly be pregnant with this baby forever. Throw that back in my face in 16 weeks when babies 4 days past due. "It" also moves around all of the time so I get that extra little piece of mind that Roo Baby is happy where it's at as well. For those of you who have suffered through tough pregnancy, don't punch me just yet... after all I have already gained a solid 16 pounds and counting and lets not forget I'm just at the half way mark. My goal (and previous pregnancy's weight gain) of 25 pounds doesn't seem to be at all likely this round. What I lack in discomforts, I gain in weight. Your welcome.

Look at those kankles. I'm sorry their not sorry. I wish they were.

Here's another shot a few days later, incase you found those undefined ankles too distracting. Concentrate instead on the whole squinty eyed family. Eye balls get lost on the smiles of the faces. Deal with it. I know I have to.
can everyone just open their eyes please
- were trying.
yada yada yada

See you in a few weeks when I am busting out of jeans and my flip flops start feeling tight.

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