Thursday, April 16, 2015

happy and he knows it

I must be running a pretty happy household, it isn't every home I'm sure that a child wakes in the dead of night to bust a gut... like full on belly laughing while simultaneously sleeping. And the real shocker is that it wasn't even the obnoxiously happy child that is Harlyn. It was Khage... the miserable one. The one who has been known to continuously label each and everyday as "not fun".
The one who is often times found to be loudly proclaiming how boring his life it. But it was he who woke up laughing like he was at a comedy club and every punch line was fresh and completely hilario.

Strangely enough, I initially thought he was crying. That's how hard he was cracking up. His outlandish giggling reached a point of laughing so hard that your almost crying but stopped short of the point before you pee yourself. I checked.

And a week later my gloomy guy was at it again... and again with no recollection of what uproarious thing he was dreaming about.

All I can say is that deep inside he's not as unhappy as he claims to be.
Way down.
Down deep he's giddy about his life and he knows it.

Caution, video will remain annoyingly dark as it was close to midnight and I was not about to turn the lights on and risk waking up the during-the-day-happy one. Not to be confused with the other: midnight-happy one.


Jessica Mazzarelli said...

this has to be the funniest things I've seen all week! I'm dying haha

Nana said...

That's crazy