Wednesday, April 22, 2015

potty time... the travel series

Because I am one of those totally prepared Moms, says the same woman who never has baby wipes with her and has to always bum them off other Moms/strangers in moments of need, I like to keep a small kid potty in the back of the Tahoe for those days where Harlyn will downright refuse a public bathroom. I like to think she's a clean freak and the germ infestation corroding public restrooms is more then she can handle but girl is nasty, like find random straw off the ground in the parking lot and pop it in her mouth nasty, so lets rule that out immediately. She's just wishy washy and cant fully commit to the idea that not all public toilets are automatic flushers attempting to suck her up and rid her from her ever loving Mommy.

And I do love her. But, more so when she's not doing this

No, that is a whole new low, even for her; using the travel potty while potty seat is located on leather seat in the back of the vehicle while said vehicle is parked in our driveway and there is a completely clean, automatic toilet free zone for the taking. To me this seems like an easy one, but then again this IS Harlyn were dealing with. She stripped down and did her business, both uno and dos and with total and complete pride because after all it happened not in her romper.

As a mother, I choose to pick my battles and for this she earned my praise.

Could have been worse... I know this because it has been before. Alotta times before.

And high five to the kid sitting right next to the Nasty Nast completely comfortable reading a book. Barbaric, these ones. Their parents should be proud.

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Lorna Whitehead said...

I dont know about you and yours :l