Tuesday, May 5, 2015

mommy victory #67

In a home complete with a playroom full of toys my small liter chooses 9 times out of 10 to seek out the "learning cabinet" in search of crafts and educational like materials.

I cant help but add this to my list of mommy victory's... after teaching Harlyn the hand motions required to beautifully perform Little Bunny Foo Foo but in front of someday teaching one of these heathens how to wipe their own butts. Because that will happen eventually, right? Like maybe before elementary school or for sure these kids will be voted least favorite by all of their teachers.

What I am trying to tell you as I briskly go off topic is that they enjoy playing with sandpaper letters, writing to-the-best-of-their-ability numbers, and expressing their creativity through shoddy works of art over the gazillion of toys that occupy this house. To me that has the basic equivalency to them passing on a handful of candy and begging instead for a head of broccoli. Knowwhatimsayin?

And I beam over this every time it happens... although by the end of it there are usually stickers stuck to the floor, Harlyn is probably walking around with marker lipstick applied jankily, Khage has had at least one meltdown because Harlyn snuck a Dot Art stamp on his project and I'm stepping on globs of glue... but you know who cares about all that. Its the journey that counts. The incredible creativity expressing sibling craft bonding time journey. Afterall glue does wash out of hair and fingers can grow back...

Eh... fingers. Who needs em'.


Lorna Whitehead said...

Love it. Good job mom!

Nana said...
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