Thursday, June 11, 2015

soccer season spring 2015

Khage's first soccer season has finally come to a close and honestly I am so sad to say goodbye. I'm gonna miss the way he crashed after a practice or a game, I'm gonna miss the quality time that we got to spend with Harlyn on a blanket in the grass while Khage was involved with his team but most of all I am going to miss watching Khage's confidence and skills grow with every week.

In most ways I am no soccer Mom. I don't care about winning because I am not at all competitive, but watching Khage get excited as he improved as a player had me wanting to ride up to that game with war paint on my face and hostility on my sleeves. I really wanted him to score goals and I sat secretly on the sidelines keeping score just so I could see his face when I told him later that his team had won. And if they lost... well I  conveniently forgot to mention it.

Maybe in some ways I'm just a soccer mom in denial.

But either way our boy did amazing at his first team sport. We had a slow start but eventually he got the hang of it and even scored a goal....

while it was in the other team's net all that mattered to us was that he took that ball down that field and walloped it into any ol' net.

And he was often times seen hugging his teammates so much that his coach was forced a few times to literally pick him up and move him to his proper position away from his friends to ensure his attention. And lets not forget the joy I felt when I could here him laughing clear across the field as he sat on the sidelines messing around with his team while he waited for his turn.


At the end of it all, I will count this season as a win in my book...

especially since they finished with a .710 winning percentage... fyi.

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Anonymous said...

I will miss the games as well. More to come next year! He was the cutest player on the field by far. -Grama W.