Friday, July 31, 2015

camping with four

We just got back from camping... two weeks ago. Can I get a whoop whoop because this Mama is on fire and completely punctual with this post. Lest we forget I'm typically a month and a half turnaround kinda girl, so two weeks late is nothing to sneeze at. Also, I have a baby coming soon so this will not at all become a habit of mine. I have been rockin the procrastination since grade school, and have zero intentions of becoming one of those ontime over achievers. So expect this baby's announcement to arrive in your mailbox... uh... uh... oh ya, never.

Brad and I decided it would be fun to take one last family camping trip as a family of four. We thought unlike last time, maybe this time the kids would be independent and spontaneous enough to endure a few days in the woods without the comfy lifestyle they have grown so fond of, we thought maybe Brad could get some fishing in and we thought pregnant me would take to the woods like a natural bush woman.

We thought wrong on all of those counts.

Did I mention I was then 3 weeks from having a watermelon? Picture all 170 pounds of me squatting in the woods.

Better yet, don't picture that. Some thing's you just cant unsee.

And the kids... oh these kids. They just cant hang in the woods. They don't do well off a schedule, Harlyn is a klutz and that is just never a good combination with the outdoors because you know she'll probably end up falling off a rock and into the lake, ruining all chances of Bread actually catching anything. And Khage will down right refuse to poop in the woods, even if we fashion a makeshift bathroom out of a sheet. Then life gets extra fun when Mommy forgets to pack Harlyn nighttime diapers and were forced to construct one out of a tube sock and paper towels which just ended up looking like our toddler was sleeping in a giant maxi pad. 

Andddddddd it rained. Making it very clear that our tent is in fact NOT water proof. Good thing my man knows how to set up a dirty laundry/paper towel/blanket barricade... this guy's skills are truly never ending. If he could have fabricated me a potty perch, this pregnant bod would have thanked him greatly.

But hey, lets just paste some smiles on our faces and trick those nearby campers into believing that we are a family totally capable of roughin it. As far as those screams you hear coming from our campsite? Don't worry about those.

 Harlyn... forever classy.
And look, I was there too. Just parading about in my most stylish camping attire as of yet. Take special notice of Harlyn trying to outshine me with her ever so adorable toe tip. She may be wearing crocs but darn it if she wont try to chic 'em up.

Until next time.

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Lorna Whitehead said...

Fun times. Always great memories, and good for you keeping a record to jog those great memories.