Thursday, July 30, 2015

countdown to baby e.t.a

I think I should probably walk away from the computer right about now, disregard this post and spend my time doing something more suitable like reveling in the silence that is my house. All three of the kids are sleeping, one still sleeping inside womb but I'm not picky as long as their all catching their required zzzz's. I still cant believe next week...ahem or a few days later based on past history... that I will have 3 children and my now quiet house will live no more.

It sounds like I'm complaining, but I'm actually not, just proper note taking on our current status. Status being: quiet house but anxious mommy because I couldn't be more excited for the up and coming chaos. While that may make me stupid, it also makes me just plain in love with these kids and what ever mood/emotion/tantrum they will throw at me once they realize they are getting moved on down the line. K and H, did I mention your no longer my favorites?

Love ya, but babies smell good. Like real good.

So here we go, count down to me getting my fill on being needed again. Read that as: the kids will probably fight over me... picture me smiling devilishly because I'm totally into that kind of thing. I just love feeling needed by these ever so needy spawns and that includes a new baby addition that will probably be the worst offender of all time. Seeing as babies never know what they really want and just seem to cry for the sake of hearing their own sound.

+ Maybe all the crying will force the mouse that has taken up residency in our home to move out. Maybe, but surely not. Considering, the other two kids do their fair share of screaming and yet it still insists on using our address as its main headquarters. Did I mention we killed this current mouse's cousin/friend/brother (could have been a sister because obviously we didn't investigate) last week. So its pretty clear we have a mouse infestation. Welcome home baby, I hope you like your new pet(s).

+ So this pictures is from a few weeks ago, I look exactly the same if you can completely ignore the additional pounds gained and regional swelling.

This may be the last of this pregnancy's photo series. I may not get around to taking another one because this particular wall is at a local park and therefor I am required by law to wear pants, and I try to avoid that as much as possible these days. So, maybe don't stop by unannounced. You have been warned.

+ My sisters and Mom threw me a little sprinkle for Roo last weekend. In case, like myself, your not entirely current on baby trends, a sprinkle is like a mini shower for second or third time mommies. And that came straight from babycenter so you know that information is legit. It was amazing, and fun and I was riding that happiness for a solid two days. Post on that coming soon. Or later.

+ My belly button has popped which makes me all the more anxious that labor is impending, but then I remember it popped like three months ago so that little fact is altogether worthless.

+ And lastly, my wedding ring still fits. I was forced into removing it early with my other two pregnancies so this just makes me feel great, like this fat bod is really just a figment of my imagination and the 30 pounds gained must surely be all baby. Hello, New World Record... I'll take my trophy in the form of a lifetime supply of diapers, thanks.

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